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ExpatCars24 also offers a consignment possibility. What does this mean and when is this useful to you?

We understand the life of an expat and/or a diplomat. One day you are planning a multi-year stay in The Netherlands, the next moment you accept a great job abroad. What now? You try to sell your car via however there is just not enough time!

ExpatCars24 offers you an alternative to lowering  your price due to time constraints and loosing valuable euros. You can ask ExpatCars24 to take over the sale for you. What does that mean?

  1. You leave your car and 1 key with us, and we do the advertising, arrange viewings and test drives for you (We keep the car at an international organization, therefor, guarded car park).
  2. You leave the ownership papers and the spare key with a trusted friend/assigned contact person in The Netherlands while you relocate abroad.
  3. When a buyer is found, you will arrange the money transfer and arrange a meet between the buyer and your assigned contact. .

This way you can concentrate on your new life in a different country, while ExpatCars24 does the rest for you here.

The fee for consignment is 500 euros – only due after the successful sale of your car.

We have references in most international organizations; therefore please feel free to get acquainted with us before you trust us with your priced possession. Please email for any further queries you may have.

Kindest Regards,


Team ExpatCars24