GN – 2013 Mercedes-Benz e 350 4×4 (4matic) blue efficiency (bluetec) avantgarde, 195 kw (265 ps), CDI, 129,000km, €17,000 !

I have a pleasure to offer you a car Mercedes-Benz E 350 CDI 4MATIC Blue Efficiency ESTATE Avt. to buy tax-free. An elegant car that features almost close to a full optional model. At the time of the order of that car, the selected features were carefully chosen, with an utmost care and a thought for detail that can serve well for a user also on the long term.

For the convenience and the detail information, the summary specification of the car is listed below.

I was since Feb 2013 (production year) until now a very proud owner of that car. It amused me every time with its excellent driving performance. So reliable, smooth running and very safe drive. The car amazes you again and again… it knows when to react to prevent from unwanted.

  Not only that it was all these years driven by a very good and careful driver, a very enthusiastic woman who is a big car fan, moreover, it was all these year properly maintained at the garage (MB car dealer in Den Haag, Donau).

The life circumstances narrated the situation when I have to sell it. In addition to my twins, I recently got triplets. Such an expansion of the family consequently leads to a bigger car in which we could all of us seven comfortably fit.


I hope this car comes into hands of a very good driver, new owner, who will enjoy every bit of this car as much as I did.

Price: € 17,000

Please note it is a tax-free car, so it would be very interesting for persons with diplomatic status. It is also possible to buy this car with the regular Dutch plates, however, this changes the price to € 23.000.

For any other information I can be reached by +31 6 47 41 59 67. I use Whatsapp. Email: